Monday, 12 March 2018


As someone who doesn't suffer from the worst dry skin problems out there, I never knew how to deal with dry skin when I woke up with skin that felt and resembled crusty sandpaper. My moisturiser - which is maybe better for summer use when my skin isn't as dry - did nothing to help. It was even getting to the point where I couldn't bear to wash my face as it'd get so dry afterwards and no face moisturiser out there was helping.

Until I discovered these bad boys. 

After work one Sunday, I was desperately trying to find a moisturiser that would help my skin out, then I remembered that I had got on well with Superdrug's own brand skincare. I wanted to find something that was formulated for dry skin - when I spotted the Vitamin E range.

Even the packaging seems smooth and I was so excited to try something out. I ended up picking the Vitamin E Leave On Moisture Mask and the Intense Moisture Cream (as anything with the word "moisture" in it was calling out to me in my hour of need). 

I didn't apply anything until after I washed my face for the evening (I need to do an updated post on my night skincare routine), and I applied the moisture cream. It felt like heaven on my face that had been sore and cracked and dry for the last few days. Before I went to sleep that evening I applied the moisture mask as per the instructions, and these both gave my skin the moisture boost I needed.

I have been so impressed with Superdrug own brand skincare products over the past year, and I am so excited to try more of their products and see what works for me!

Honestly, this stuff worked so well for me. When I said my skin was dry, I mean dry af. I had bits of skin flaking it was that bad, but this worked within two days for me. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone. 

Thanks for reading,

Ashleigh xxx 

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